Casanova Varieté - The Show

“Casanova Varieté" is a spectacular performance show with acrobatics, dance, play, contact juggling, live music, singing and masquerade.  It is about Giacomo Casanova - world-famous Italian lover, author and adventurer of the 18th century. His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie (Story of My Life), is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life of this time. His adventurous and varied life led him through whole Europe. He associated with European royalty, popes and cardinals, along with luminaries such as Voltaire, Goethe and Mozart as well as with lower social classes. He has even become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women so that his name “Casanova” is now synonymous with “womanizer”.

Casanova Varieté brings the mysticism and magic of Casanova and his adventures to live. Especially for the one and a half hour-long show composed music makes the scenes as lively as possible. In so doing, specific extracts of his exciting life’s journey are presented within emotional dance scenes, breathtaking acrobatics and humorous plays. The audience is brought into a fabulous, mysterious world of Casanova as a lover, traveler, writer, musician and spy – always on the run.

Themes of spectacle:

Venice the Beauty

Casanovas Youth

Casanova and Delights of Love

Down Side Venice

Casanova’s Escape

Casanova’s Journeys


The basis show is composed of the following artists, however, can also be customized to individual needs:

8 musicians (drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, string quartet)
1 soprano
3 acrobats
2 actors (incl. vocals, magician, multi-instrumentalist)
3 dancers
1 contact juggler
+ technical management and tour manager

Casanova Varieté can be performed inside as well as outside and its usual show duration 2 x 45 minutes can also be individualized.



  • Casanova Band: Talented bandleader and multi-Instrumentalist Toti Denaro knows how to arrange and compose music in order to tell stories and implement dramaturgy. Together with seven magnificent musicians he leads the artists through the spectacle.
  • Rokokotheatre: Two actors (who are specialized in eras of ancient Rokoko and Baroque) take care for the thematically coherence by their humorous moderations, charming singing on historic instruments and entertaining magic.
  • Compagnia dei Folli: Huge, space-consuming acrobatics by the renowned Italian artist group “Compagnia dei Folli” top and represent the highlights of the show. Started in 1984 with simple street theatre they have worked their way up to globally highly regarded artistic of highest levels.
  • Tanzauftrag: „Tanzauftrag“ is an internationally active dance company of passionate and extremely versatile dancers with acting skills. Dressed in wonderful costumes they accompany and emphasize the show scenes of Casanova Varieté and fill in the big picture with their love for details.
  • Albert Tröbinger: Magic, pantomimes, artistic and passion combined in the fascinating art of contact juggling: Albert Tröbinger, world record holder in contact juggling and member of Circus Roncalli knows how to melt phantasy and reality by having harmony, precision and extreme body control down to a fine art.
  • Antonia Zangger: Her repertory ranges from baroque chamber music via sophisticated operas to new music genres: Multitalented soprano Antonia Zangger gives the whole show production another musical dimension.



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